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1.  Currently, memberships are limited to 25 Basic, and 4 Professional memberships.  Memberships are available  to anyone: photographers, models, agents, makeup artists, hair and wardrobe stylists, publishers, producers, and others.  The Basic membership fee is $25.00 a year and allows you to schedule studio time on a first come, first served basis during normal business hours, evenings, and weekends.  To view the Basic Member Agreement,  click here.  

The annual Professional membership fee is $350.00 a month with a $350 Security deposit  and guarantees a minimum of 168 hours per month of studio time on a first come, first served basis,  the equivalent of one 24/7 week, on-site storage for personal equipment and a reserved parking space next to the Studio.  To view the Professional Member Agreement click here.

Need more guaranteed time than the Basic membership offers, but less financial commitment than the Professional membership requires?  The Intermediate membership is $400.00 for one month with a $400.00 refundable security deposit paid in advance and guarantees a minimum of 168 hours of studio time on a first come, first served basis, the equivalent of one 24/7 week, and on-site storage for personal equipment during the month.  To view the Intermediate Member Agreement click here.

Work with a partner? Team memberships are available at only 1.5 times the individual rate for all membership levels. To view the Team Membership Agreement click here.

2. To apply for a membership, just send us a link to your portfolio.  Enter your Portfolio Link below: (ex:
Portfolio Link

3.  Select the Membership Level and Type you are interested in here. Click on the Drop-Down list below to view Membership Levels and Types.  Click on a Membership Level and Type to select them.
Level Type

*Enter your Email address below: (ex. you@youremailaddress)

5.  How did you hear about Studio One Pensacola? (You can check more than one box.)

  A Friend, Relative, or Acquaintance
  An Art Gallery
  An Arts and Crafts Festival
  A Museum Exhibit
  A Photography Competition or Exhibit
  A Restaurant, Place of Business, Store, or Office
  A Talent Agency or Website
  A Photography Website
  An Internet Search (Google)
  A Facebook Ad

6.  Enter any questions or comments below:

7. We'll review your application and notify you via e-mail.  If approved, you will receive a Paypal™ invoice from for the Membership Level and Type you requested via email.  Be sure to add to your address book, or the invoice may be routed to your spam folder. You can pay by Paypal™ account, credit card, or check.  As soon as your payment is received you will be provided with a Userid and Password to be used to schedule sessions at your convenience at Studio One Pensacola.

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