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Studio One Pensacola is looking for a few select models in the Pensacola, Florida area for a non-exclusive referral relationship with the new co-op/rental studio, Studio One Pensacola.  For those models who choose to participate, you pay no fee, there is no contract or other obligation.  All Studio One portfolio development is  free, and you get a link to your Model Mayhem, One Model Place, or other portfolio website on the Studio One Pensacola member website .  You also receive a free one-year Basic membership, which allows you to schedule your own sessions at the studio.  On request, a female assistant will be present at all photographic sessions; although more than 50% of our member photographers are female.  Photographers can contact you directly through your link, or indirectly through the studio.  Non-member photographers will be screened prior to shooting at the studio. The photographer or producer pays the Studio One rental fee and your fee, if any.  Studio One member photographers receive a 10% discount off the studio fee when using a Studio One model or stylist.  Studio One will actively promote you to other member and non-member photographers through the Studio One website and other media. 

If you are interested in working out of a local studio in a safe, convenient, familiar environment, email me with a link to your portfolio and I'll get right back to you.

Michael Smith
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